October 18th National Day of Action

Here is the schedule of the various events that are planned for the National Day of Action called by the PCR-RCP at the eve of the federal election. As the bourgeois parties will desperately try to convince the most to take part in their circus, we will instead affirm our commitment—which is totally different from an election promise!—for the next four years: waging class struggle against the capitalists and their state!

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Boycott the 2015 Federal Election Rally
Gathering at 2pm corner King & James – outside Jackson Square
Organized by the Revolutionary Communist Party Organizing Committee

Boycott National Day of Action: Out to Scarborough on October 18th!
Gathering at 2pm at Scarborough Centre Station
Organized by Toronto’s Proletarian Revolutionary Action Committee and Revolutionary Student Movement

Boycott: A Workshop on Voting
Start at 2pm at Sadlier House (Lecture Hall), 751 George St. N
Hosted by Revolutionary Student Movement-PTBO and Revolutionary Communist Party-PTBO (Organizing Committee)

Elections Boycott Public Forum and Free Dinner
Start at 6pm at the Overbrook Community Center, 33 Quill Street
Organized by the PCR-RCP.

Manifestation off-électorale: «Notre engagement: la lutte des classes!»
Rassemblement à 14h au parc Kent, angle Kent et Côte-des-Neiges (métro Côte-des-Neiges)
Avec la participation du PCR, du Mouvement étudiant révolutionnaire, de la Convergence des luttes anticapitalistes de Montréal et d’Anakbayan Montréal.

«S’organiser pour vaincre le capitalisme» (exposition et discussion)
Rendez-vous à 14h à la librairie L’Étincelle, au 82, de la Reine

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