Electoral Red Herrings: Bill C-51

Every election there is at least one issue that social democratic supporters of the electoral system claim is a reason for every member of the progressive camp to participate in voting for the “lesser evil” so as to get the Conservatives out of power at any cost. The truth, of course, is that supporters of the NDP and the electoral circus will always find some excuse—some supposedly crucial issue—to endorse the system as a whole: these issues are always MacGuffins used to justify an ideology of systemic support. This is not to say they do not possess some truth, or that they are not crucial in and of themselves, but only that those who would like us to support a rightward drifting NDP cynically latch upon these issues so as to justify what they would always like to see justified: participation in business as usual, electoral voting as the greatest democratic good. In these elections, one of the issues of significance appears to be Bill C-51.

–> From the coming issue of the Red Flag magazine – read here.

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