Toronto: Boycott the Elections Forum

Saturday, September 12th at 2pm
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education
252 Bloor Street West, Room 5280

–> Facebook event.

Join us on Saturday, September 12th as the Revolutionary Student Movement prepares to launch its boycott campaign against the Canadian federal election. This event functions primarily as an open forum for discussing the campaign, but will also serve to help organize the upcoming National Boycott Day of Action on Sunday, October 18th.

At this event, representatives from the RSM will be holding a presentation and answering questions from community members regarding the federal election, the principles behind an active boycott, and seeking alternatives to bourgeois politics. Some topics to be covered include answers to the following questions:

• What is the purpose of an active boycott?
• What’s wrong with the current system, and how can we change it?
• How does a boycott provide an alternative to the current system?
• And any other questions you may have.

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One Response to Toronto: Boycott the Elections Forum

  1. I would like to know how this went!

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