Articles from Past Boycott Campaigns

In the past, the revolutionary, progressive, and democratic organizations behind the 2015 Election Boycott Campaign have been involved with other boycott campaigns, both on the federal and provincial levels. Here is a collection of articles which touch on past campaigns.

The Canadian Bourgeois Democracy: A Single Party System. To boycott is to fight! – 2004 Federal Elections

Words That Convey No Illusion: Boycott the Elections! – Summer 2005

Boycott the Elections! Build real people’s power! – 2008 Federal Elections

Canadian Democracy Hits an All-Time Low – 2008 Federal Elections

Let’s Boycott the Elections!: Vote With Your Feet! No Democracy Without People’s Power! – March 27, 2011

On May 2nd: A Predictable Victory for the Bourgeoisie – May 2, 2011

Boycott the Elections 2011 – 2011 Federal Elections

NDP: Part of the Imperialist System – from Partisan No. 1

On the Recent Ontario Electoral Farce – from Partisan No. 52

 Three Parties, One Platform – From the 2014 Ontario Election Boycott Campaign


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